Growing up, I didn't think God existed.

Even when I tried to deny Him, He still exists. He's still powerful. He's still good. We look around at the sun, moon, and stars, and there's so much evidence in creation that God exists. All of us are made in God's image. You are wonderfully made. 

God Is Real. 

God Is Holy.

God Is Relational.

God is perfect, and all of us fall short of His glory. We all sin, which means “to miss the mark.” We rebel in different ways - in our words, in our actions, and in our attitudes. We all need forgiveness from a holy God. 

All of this is not just rules and religion, but a relationship with God. When you decide to put your trust in Jesus, you are going to be with God in His family forever. You also get to have an abundant life and a relationship with God today. If you’ve never made a decision to follow Jesus, I want to invite you to do so right now.
There's no pressure or manipulation. If you've heard this about Jesus — that he is the way, the truth and the life — and now you want to follow him, here's an opportunity. 

God Is Gracious.

God sent His son Jesus to come to earth. Fully God and fully human, Jesus died on a cross for our sins so that we can be forgiven. Then Jesus was raised from the dead, defeating death itself and giving us hope for the future. Through Jesus, we can have peace with God. 

When I went to Dartmouth College, there were two stories of my life: the outside story and the inside story. The outside story is what people thought of me and the successes they saw. But there was another story on the inside that very few people knew: it felt like something was missing.

And as I learned more about God through reading the Bible, taking a religion class, and asking hundreds of questions, this is what I discovered: 

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