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Finding A Secure Identity In Jesus

What is your identity? Identity is like an anchor. And you decide where you want it to land. There are two major categories, that’s performance and acceptance.

I know about the performance trap because as a professional soccer player, I put so much pressure on myself. Who you are is not what you do. And when you’re deep down trying to find an identity through what you do, how well you do it, and how long you’ve done it, it’s a trap.

There will always be an emptiness with performance-based identity, but the shift you can make is into acceptance. I know because I lost my professional career tragically, you know, scrambling to figure out who I am. Jesus said your house is going to be like a house on the rock and not on the sand.

Acceptance is found in God’s presence and in his love, no one can take it away and no one loves you more than Jesus. Make the shift today from performance-based identity to acceptance by Jesus and living for him.

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Finding A Secure Identity In Jesus

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