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Damar Hamlin: What has happened in the last 24 hours and why is it significant?

1 Damar is fighting for his life so the main thing is to keep praying for him, his family, and the physicians. Can you pray now?

2 Millions of dollars have been given to his foundation to help children, an overflowing generosity. This is wonderful. Can we care more for kids in all our communities?

3 His family is thanking everyone for the amazing show of love and support. Can we do this for more families who are hurting?

4 Every NFL team is stepping up and uniting to support Damar. Can we unite more in our communities, across ethnicities, and in other professions in our nation too?

5 Sports is less important than the people who play the game. Can we shift our focus starting with kids’ sports and shift our priorities too?

6 On every network and on the playing field, the emphasis was prayer. Can we return to God and pray more as a nation for healing on many levels.

7 Thank God for the first responders! Can we show our appreciation more often to them and have more people learn CPR?

8 Sports is ultimately about life and friendships. Can we savor and enjoy those more and really look out for each other?

9 God can bring good things out of the worst tragedies. Can we let Jesus lead, receive His grace, and seek Him in the middle of the pain, loss and uncertainty of life?

10 They stopped the game. Life is fragile, and life is short. Will you stop as we start 2023 and listen to God and align with heaven?

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Damar Hamlin: What has happened in the last 24 hours and why is it significant?

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